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First Day of School Photo Prop ~ Cricut Project


first day of school photo prop
It’s that time of year again!  My kids are heading back to school soon and I wanted to do something a little special for the traditional first day of school pictures.  Generally I have the kids stand by the tree in our front yard.  However, I was inspired by all the fun first day of school photo props I saw on Pinterest and decided I needed one too.

With three kids heading back to school, I knew I needed something that could be written on or changed between kids.  My initial thought was to get a small chalkboard.  However, three craft stores later, I couldn’t find one.  So I decided to break out my trusty Cricut and make one using a dry erase board.  By making the numbers magnetic, I can easily change the grade levels in between kids.

First Day of School Photo Prop Supply List

Pebbles Black Washi TapePebbles Black Washi TapeMORE INFO

Recess Cricut CartridgeRecess Cricut CartridgeMORE INFO

Tape RunnerTape RunnerMORE INFO

Plantin Schoolbook Cricut CartridgePlantin Schoolbook Cricut CartridgeMORE INFO

8.5x11 Magnetic Dry Erase Board8.5×11 Magnetic Dry Erase BoardMORE INFO

Self-adhesive Magnet SquaresSelf-adhesive Magnet SquaresMORE INFO


Start by bordering the dry erase board with washi tape. Washi tape is repositionable if you don’t get it lined up on the first try.

Next use the Recess (or Makin’ the Grade) Cricut Cartridge to cut a 7″ apple.  Cut the stem in brown and the leaf in green and then adhere to the main apple.  Add adhesive to the back and stick to your dry erase board, near the top.  You could use magnets on the back of the apple if you want to be able to use the board for other purposes.  However, I am only going to use this for a first day of school photo prop so I stuck it right to the board.

Now cut your desired grade number from yellow and black cardstock.  I used the Plantin SchoolBook Cricut Cartridge.  I cut 6″ numbers with the roly poly setting.  With the black number behind the yellow one, offset it a little so it looks like a shadow and then use your adhesive to stick them together.

Now cut 3/4 inch letters from black to spell out the grade (also with the roly poly setting).  So for example I cut out “4th Grade”, “6th Grade”, and “10th Grade”.  Then stick these on your large number die cut.  I suggest playing around with the arrangement to see how you want them before you put any adhesive on the back.  Once you are happy with the placement, then adhere them to the large number.  The Xyron sticker maker is great for small shapes like this!

back to school photo prop

Cut small squares from your magnet strips and stick to the back of the large number.  This way you can reuse the board from year to year.  It also makes it super easy on that first day of school to switch the numbers out if you have multiple kids.

back to school photo

And there you have it – a quick and easy first day of school photo prop.  So tell me… What sorts of fun back to school crafts have you been making?  Have you made any Cricut projects?  Be sure to leave a comment and tell me all about them.



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